How to Start an SEO Mobile Strategy in 2018

Being a business owner,it is imperative that you have effective marketing campaigns. Now that everything is coming virtual, you need to have effective lead generation and SEO strategies in place. If at this time of moment, your SEO and lead generation efforts are still desktop-based, it is time to revise them.

Over the past few years, mobile users are slowly taking over the PCs users. In order to search for a query people no longer boot their laptop. On the contrary, they search it using their smartphones and tablets. Since the number of smartphone users is growing on a daily basis, you need to come up with an operative SEO mobile Strategy.

Tips for an Effective Mobile SEO Strategy

In 2018, the number of mobile users has increased a lot, thus follow the steps below to have a good SEO strategy in place.

Configure your Website for Mobile Users: There are three ways through which you can implement a mobile website. First using separate URLs, second Dynamic serving, and lastly responsive design. All these ways are effective, but Google is a fan of the responsive design. So, we suggest you use that for configuring your mobile website.

Learn about Mobile-first Index: Google tends to use the mobile version of your website in order to baseline on how it will determine its ranking in Google indexes. Following are the mobile-first index best practices

  1. Smartphone Googlebot is able to access your web pages.
  2. Correct canonical tags.
  3. Meta Description and Title
  4. Structured Data
  5. Equivalent images, text, and videos for both desktop and mobile version website

Mobile Page Speed: You need to optimize your mobile page speed for better ranking. You can do that by removing the render-blocking JavaScript, prioritize the visible content, optimize the images, minify resources, improve server response time, enable compressing and avoid landing page redirects.

Some other effective strategies include optimization out of the box, Google AMP implementation and usage of unstructured data markup. All these things can really boost your ranking, however, if you still having trouble you can reach out to callbox for effectively increasing your lead generations. To ensure you are hiring the right company, check out their reviews. When I decided on a company, it was based a review. I can assure you that this callbox review is great.

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