How To Create A Comfortable Bedroom Space

Your bedroom is your haven and you must feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you are in it. So, at times when you fall out of love with the current décor and want to change it visit Luxtime for various designs and color schemes, styles and other such tips. But in the meanwhile, here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. A good bed: The focal point of your bedroom is your bed. The bed frame must be of good quality and sturdy. The headboard must be nice and it can be customized to showcase your personality and likes.
  2. Good mattress: A good night’s sleep is a must to keep you in good spirits. Therefore, ensure your mattress is still in shape if not choose one that is firm, gives adequate support and yet is comfortable to sleep.
  3. Comfortable bedspreads: You can jazz up your bedroom using textured bedspreads of neutral colors interspersed with brightly colored cushions.
  4. The right choice of curtains: Blackout curtains are a great buy to keep your room cozy and dark- a must for restive sleep.
  5. Soft lighting: The bedroom lights must be always warm and soft to create the right ambiance. Adjustable lighting will give you flexibility in managing the ambiance.
  6. Plants: Use plants judiciously to break the monotony and to bring some Zen-like calm to the room.
  7. Add texture: It is invigorating to the eye and to the mind when there are a lot of textures around; the soft duvets, a textured wall and woolen rug below the feet.
  8. Remove clutter: Get rid of all things unnecessary in the room; your bedroom should not have papers, toys, and work-related material any time.

A right mix of textures, colors, lighting, and furniture will create a space that will lighten the heart each night as you hit the bed.…

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