How Weight Loss Products are Marketed in the Media

Weight loss is a hot topic in the media these days. There are adverts all over the place showing what is seemingly the best way to lose weight. Here we’ll take a look at some of the ways weight loss products are marketed, to help you understand what you see in the media.

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Weight loss products are usually shown using photographs as these are very powerful in grabbing people’s attention. Photos showing dramatic weight loss or powerful comparisons are often used, to make products seem highly effective.

Facts and figures are often used with weight loss products too, although these should be read carefully. Often manufacturers will over-exaggerate claims in order to sell products. Sometimes you need to take time to read the small print to ensure the facts presented are accurate. Often, the study the data is based on was really small, so it can’t be taken to be accurate.

You should also take care when reading reviews of weight loss products online. Often, reviews might be left by those who have been paid to do so, and will therefore over-emphasize how effective the product has been.

Weight loss products tend to be marketed more towards those who are already trying to lose weight rather than those who are overweight and not doing anything about it. You should keep this in mind next time you see adverts for weight loss products near your gym or in a fitness magazine. You need to do some research and make your own decision before changing the way you are trying to lose weight.…

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