Top Tips How to Improve Your Website Using SEO Tools

If you are trying to improve your website with SEO tools, begin by knowing your rank. Make use of You can type a keyword such as ‘green living’ and the URL of your website. This will give you an understanding on where your site ranks. From here, you can change many aspects of your website to improve your ranking. This applies for brand new websites as well.

Understand Google’s Algorithm

Google has an algorithm that relies on several factors in judging your SEO ranking. Mobile friendly websites are highly favored and non-complying sites are penalized. Buying unnatural links (Penguin), not integration of your website with local searches (Pigeon) are things that will hurt your website’s ranking. Also, if your website is slow there’s very little possibility of getting a good ranking.

To truly grow your business, you need to use social influencer marketing creatively. Try hiring a social media influencer. Bloggers and Instagram celebrities may seem insignificant as compared to paid media, but it’s crucial your target audience has a way of connecting to your brand. Social media influencers talk about their brand experience and these reviews are a sole deciding factor for 88% buyers. A full majority of the buyers would rather trust a known source than on advertisements.


Know Your Metadata

The space between the <head> tags in your page design is the metadata. You can add description metadata, which the browser uses as a search return of your page. A concise description will draw in traffic.

The keyword metadata are search phrases you can embed in your page. The best results come from adding 6-8 phrases with 1-4 words. Keep the content specific to your website and Google’s algorithm will closely match your page with searches.…

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